Today I have some time to jump back online, and respond to some comments, questions and emails. I took me until today to get organized enough to be able to sit and write without any distractions.

It’s funny, I just had a long time online friend who has always been so sweet and supportive over the years ask if I still liked them. I felt terrible–I don’t want anyone to think that if I don’t respond right away that it is personal at all. I chuckled to myself thinking boy if they could see me racing around like I do sometimes, they would instantly know that I have been extremely busy lately. Let’s see there’s writing, training, cardio sessions, grocery shopping, cooking, measuring food, preplanning all meals, online clients, my blogs, planning and coordinating my week in the Studio and the list goes on. I am doing all of the things I have wanted to do for years, and as exciting as it is, it does take me away from responding as much as I used to. So please, know it is just me over here plugging away at work and think of it as a very good thing! I know I do. I am busier now with the Studio and Plans for Nyhavn 42  and I know my social media time has been cut into. Sometimes I get on here all day and I laugh quietly to myself at times thinking, boy I have to get off of here and go train! That is when time management skills are so important. I do my best to make lists and schedule things attempting to complete all of my tasks. Just the same way all busy women do I am sure regardless of their line of work. There is a certain skill set that includes balancing home life, work, relationships, children, and time for yourself by yourself. To read, write or just connect to your true self. For without that, there is no way to gracefully do all of the rest. I am so grateful to have the opportunities that I have and I know one day I will look back and just feel so blown away by all of it.

Which leads me to a topic I hadn’t even planned until right now. I don’t know about you but the minute I have finished something, reached a goal or completed a task, I am so quick to jump right into the next thing. I would like to find a way to find the space between now and the next “goal”. And remain there for a minute, giving myself some time for reflection of what is currently going on in my life. I want to just sit down and look around and see what is going on this very minute. Doing that one thing, right now, I immediately feel a huge sense of gratitude. I can only get there by being in this moment.

So I have decided to write it down and see where that takes me. I know by just stopping, I am thrust into seeing who is in my life, and just how much they really mean to me. That simple act really is gratifying, and gets me out of my head of thinking now what’s next?!

I have decided that my homework for tonight and/or tomorrow morning is to complete a list of what I am grateful for and why and how has my life been affected as a result. Just contemplating that list seems to take the edge off. Gosh I wasn’t even aware of that edge until now. Because I was all ramped up for training legs tonight and thoughts of what can I do next? The edge is great for the gym or for accomplishing goals, but what if I miss where I am now?

Where to start? I have a place to live, I’m healthy, my friendships, Nyhavn 42 LeOne , someone who loves me just the way I am, and many more are flooding my mind. Boy, my list is long and I like the ways it feels to think about the specifics because it just feels good to do so.

 😉 Thank you 

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